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Адрес: Восточнее от ул.Шэнсин, зона экономического развития, уѳзд Кэньли, г Дунин, про вин.Шаньдун, Кита

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О компании

000“Шаньдунская компания по производству нефтяных оборудований Минчжу” является одним предприятием по производству специальных нефтяных оборудований, которое объединяет исследование, производство, сбыт и обслуживание. Компания располагается на доступе к Жёлтому морю и в городе нефти-г.ИнЧэн Шаньдуна. Главной деятельностью компания являются производство и сбыт нефтяных, гозовых и незабойных буровых инструментов, компания занимает площадь 500му, строительная площадь составляет 210 тысяч кв.м, общее капиталовложение составляет 1,06миллиарда. В настоящее время главные продукции компании включают бурильную шлангу, нефтепровод, обсадную трубу , низ, утяжелённую бурильную шлангу и т.д.

Shandong Mingzhu Petroleum Equipment Co.. Ltd. is a professional petroleum equipment manu- fac j e enterprise, which integrates R & D with pro- duction. sales and service, it js located in the beautiful Yellow River estuary where is called “Oil City" - Dongying. Shandong, it covers an area of 500 acres; a total construction area is 2,100.000 square meters; total investment reach 1.06 billion ‘ Yuan. We are mainly engaging in production and sates of oil, gas and non-excavation drill string etc.; our Products mainly include drill pipe, tubing, casing, drill collar, heavy weight drill pipe and other parts.

OiM company uses international advanced man ufacturing facilities, and holds advanced produc tion technology. Holding one advanced pipe-end upset line; one pipe heat treatment line; two friction welding lines with two sets of inertia friction welding machines made by MTI; one tubing and casing production line; one drill collar production line. The annual output of drill pipe reaches 50.000 tons; drill collar reaches 5000 pieces; various oil well pipes reach more than 100,000 tons.

We are strictly in accordance with the require ment of API Q1 quality management system, and strictly control the products quality. We establish control system of raw material incoming inspection control, production process flow control, products parameter control, semi-finished and finished products transfer control. We have equipped with advanced automatic ulirasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, and magnetic flux leakage testing equipment. Our physical chemistry laboratory has a full set of physical and chemical quality testing equipment including tensile testing machine, hardness testing machine, impact testing machine, and imported metallo- graphic analysis inspection machine for chemical composition.

We set special R & D center in our company and have strong teams with dozens of senior engineer, general engineer, senior technician and many skilled workers. Our experts focus their effort s on R & D of product performance and new material to make products be more resistant to torsion and sulfur. We are always insisting that survive by quality, develop by credibility. We have received the fol lowing certificate: API Q1, API SPEC 5DP, AP’SPEC 5CT, API SPEC 7-1, 1SO/TS 29001, ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and HSE standard certifi cates awarded by CNPC and Sinopec. Shandong mingzhu would work with our clients all over the world to create a better prospect of business.

Our company will continue to enhance R & D production capacity with the growing good repu tation in the petroleum equipment market. We shall satisfy you all over the world with quality, credit and satisfactory service by the first-class management, first-class talent, first-class equipment, first-class process, and first-class quality.



О компании